Sunday, May 15, 2011


We finally did it! After nearly 4 years of talking about it, my hubby and I went and picked out our Great Dane! We started talking about getting this dog not even a year into our relationship. We decided now was the right time to get a puppy, so we made a very long trek down to South Carolina yesterday to get him. He was the pick of the litter and is going to be absolutely huge!! At 11 weeks, he's already almost 30 pounds! 
Here are a few pics from our adventure yesterday.

Not great picture quality, but an adorable moment! He was clearly the right choice.


Getting ready to leave SC!  He didn't really like the whole leash thing at first! He did a great job this morning with it though.

So sweet and docile!

He was such a good traveler! He slept most of the way home and only got sick once. 

Titan's first trip to PetSmart!

Home at last! After about 8 1/2 hours in the car, we finally made it home around 1am.

He did not want to sleep in this morning, so we went outside early to hang out.  

Surveying his new surroundings. Check out those legs!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A handsome little miracle

Coming up on Saturday, a special little man will celebrate his first birthday! My hubby's cousin Jenn and her hubby Keith welcomed Warren into our lives very prematurely last year on May 7th. Wait until you see how this remarkable boy has really thrived and grown!

This is Warren only a few days old. He was born weighing 1lb 12oz at just 26 weeks. He stayed in the NICU for a few months and was brought home in August. He has been doing extremely well ever since!

And this....
is Warren now! Only a few days away from his 1st birthday!

 Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles and the power of prayer can come talk to the Stephens family! Just look at those beautiful blue eyes.

If his mom and dad have anything to say about it, these little feet will run millions of miles in their lifetime! 

Enjoying his first birthday cake! May there be many many more to come!!!