Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jessi & Nick- Maternity Photos

I'm hanging out in Minnesota right now with my brother and his wife. My mom and I came out on Friday because we had their baby shower earlier today. Yesterday, we were able to get some great maternity shots of Jessi, who is 8 months pregnant now and looks phenomenal! Back at Christmas, we did some maternity photos, but she wasn't showing all that much. Wow! How things have changed!! Enjoy some of the great shots we got yesterday!


  1. Your photos are awesome -- you have a natural eye! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at them all. Your home and property are gorgeous! (Your mom shared some of your house in progress.) You are very blessed with so much happiness surrounding you! Carol Ha.

  2. Love them all! Great angles AND subject matter!

  3. I like the maternity pictures. My favorite are the B/W pictures. Great job.