Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's SNOWING!!! Actually, it's pretty much been snowing/raining/sleeting since last night, but it is finally accumulating. We've gotten quite the little storm here today and it is incredibly gorgeous! Hopefully the few photos below can sort of capture what I am seeing today! I played around with the colors of the photos because the snow makes it so bluish/white and the photos look dull. Right now, everything looks bright blue outside! It is incredible! Isn't nature awesome?!

This is a shot of our front yard leading to the road. I love these big saggy trees!

This little barn sits next to the big barn right outside of our house. You can tell the snow is blowing in one direction out there since just the front of it is covered in snow. I love this barn!

I did a little sepia treatment on this tree, which is in our back yard right outside of our basement. 

 I am standing in our living room looking at the front door here. This is just to show you how everything looks from the inside. I love having so many windows in the house! We honestly rarely turn on the lights during the day.

This is my favorite window in the house because it lets so much light into our kitchen. I also love the view : ) 
Stay warm and safe in the snow everyone!

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