Saturday, January 8, 2011

project 27

On Tuesday, I will be turning 27! 

In honor of this oh-so-special day, I am embarking on something I will be calling 'project 27.' Every day during my 27th year until my 28th birthday in 2012, I will be taking a photo and posting it on here. Some of you have probably heard of this type of thing, usually called something like "Photo 365." It will be very similar to this; however, I will be posting a week's worth of photos every Sunday, not every day since I work full time and commute an hour home each night and have to make dinner for my hubby....yaddy yaddy ya! 

Because I like lists and structure, I have mapped out my year by assigning each week its own theme. Instead of just capturing my day to day life by taking a photo at some point during the day, I really want to challenge myself to take more artistic photos and put some thought into them. The Sunday posts on here will each contain 7 photos representing the theme somehow.

I have three main goals in doing this project.
1. Become a better photographer
I'm sure this is probably a goal for most people who do this type of thing, but I really want to try to get a little more creative with my shots. I have learned so much since June when I first got my DSLR. I took time to look at what others do and really dove into more artistic photography, rather than just capturing what was going on around me (as I had done with my point and shoot cameras). I want to continue learning more about photography, letting it become a part of me, not just something I like to do.
2. Become more disciplined
The idea of having to keep up with something for more than a few weeks is a little scary to me right now. I do regular workouts each week, but what I do completely changes week to week. Same with dinner...I am constantly searching for new recipes. I tend to find something I like and will think about it and research it nonstop for a few weeks just until I find something else to think about! Through 'project 27,' I am really going to have to be disciplined about taking my camera everywhere, loading the pictures on my computer, making edits, and writing about each picture to post on here each week. I am hoping it will help me to gain some focus for this and for other areas of my life.
3. See new things
 In giving myself themes to follow, I am hoping it will challenge me to look at things differently. I made the themes easy enough that I will hopefully be able to find things/people/places to photograph close to home and work. What this means, however, is that I will need to look at my surroundings from a different perspective. I feel as though I am in such a routine that I barely notice my surroundings anymore, let alone see the beauty that encompasses where I live and work. I am hoping I will be challenged to see new things and see things in a new way.

I really hope you'll stay with me throughout the next year as I take this project on! If you've completed a project like this, I would love some tips/advice/guidance!! I would love to read comments about your experiences and ideas for photos!

And now to leave you with one of my favorite photos that I feel really captures the beauty I see daily (and is a very stark contrast to the snow I am currently seeing out the window of my kitchen!)

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